Frequently Asked Questions

Review the below Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need help, please visit our Contact Us page.

What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is a gift of money paid for the benefit of a student at an educational institution to aid in the pursuit of studies. Scholarships recognize outstanding students for academic achievement, financial need, academic field of study, community service, campus activities, and outside interests. 

Where does scholarship money come from?

Scholarship programs at Santa Rosa Junior College are supported by the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O’Meara Doyle Scholarship Fund as well as endowed and non-endowed funds held at the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation.

Where can I find scholarship opportunities?

For Scholarship Opportunities through SRJC, students are encouraged to apply for Foundation Scholarships.

Additional scholarship opportunities can be found on the Outside Scholarship List.

How do I know which scholarships I’m eligible to apply for?

At Santa Rosa Junior College, scholarship money is offered to incoming, continuing, and transferring students. Review the eligibility criteria carefully for every application - every scholarship is different.

High School seniors are encouraged to apply for the Doyle Scholarship.

Current SRJC students are encouraged to apply for Foundation Scholarships.

I am new to searching for or applying to scholarships. Where can I get help?

Check out our Searching for Scholarships page.

Be organized! Keep track of scholarships as you search and apply, with listed deadlines (use google sheets, or similar). 

Think of searching for scholarships as a job – if you put 2 hours into an application and receive a $500 scholarship, you just earned $250/hr.

If you still have questions, contact us.

When is the best time to search and apply for scholarships?

I applied for a scholarship – when and how will I find out if I was selected as a recipient?

All applicants will be notified of award status by email, but the timeline can vary.

If you applied for a Doyle Scholarship or Foundation Scholarships, you will typically be notified of award status within 5 months after the deadline date. 

I have been awarded a scholarship through SRJC. What do I need to do and what happens now?

Congratulations! Log into to accept your award, review requirements, and view missing documents. Pay close attention to details in email notifications as well. 

Some awards are for one term only, while others are split between two terms. Most but not all scholarships require full-time enrollment at SRJC or a transfer institution.

Once all requirements have been met, payments are processed according to the Financial Aid Payment Calendar and deliver disbursements through BankMobile in a form of direct deposit, minus any fees owed.

I have been awarded a scholarship through an OUTSIDE organization. What happens now?

Congratulations on being awarded an outside scholarship! If you have received a scholarship from an outside donor and the donor wants it to be processed through SRJC, have the check and backup documentation (preferably listing your name and SID, term award is for, unit requirements, etc.) sent to the Scholarship Office directly.

Visit our Managing Outside Scholarship Awards page for more detailed information.

I am required to write a thank-you letter to my scholarship donor. What should I write and how do I turn it in?
I am unsure of how many units I have completed and what my overall GPA is. Where can I find this information?

Log into your SRJC Student Portal and click on "My Financial Aid SAP" under My Records.

I was awarded a scholarship, but I do not meet a listed requirement. What should I do?

Fill out a Policy Appeal form or contact us to discuss your options.

How can I find out what scholarships I have been awarded?

Log into All scholarship awards are added to your financial aid package.

How do I submit a verification of full-time enrollment from my transfer institution?
I want to support students at Santa Rosa Junior College. How do I become a scholarship donor?

Thank you! Please contact the SRJC Foundation to get started.