SRJC foundation scholarships

Applications can be found by logging into your AwardSpring Account.

This application period offers the greatest opportunity for you to actively seek out scholarship support to continue your education. In 2018-19, more than 1,700 individual scholarships were awarded through this one application process to continuing and transferring students valued at over $1.5 million dollars.


Foundation Continuing Student Scholarships:

Scholarships are available for students who will continue their studies at SRJC during this academic year. You may apply for these continuing scholarships if, at the time of application, you are enrolled in 6 or more units at SRJC and have an overall SRJC GPA=2.0 or higher (2.5+ recommended).

Please note: While new students are encouraged to apply, most scholarships require 12 or more units completed.


Foundation Transferring Student Scholarships: 

This program is designed for Santa Rosa Junior College students who have completed at least 24 units at SRJC, will complete 60 transferable units by the end of Fall 2020, and will transfer to a four-year institution in Spring 2021. Applicants must, at the time of application, be enrolled in 6 or more units at SRJC and have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply. By completing one application, you may be considered for a wide variety of scholarships.


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