Managing Outside Scholarship Awards

Congratulations on being awarded an outside scholarship! 

If you have received a scholarship from an outside donor and the donor wants to send SRJC the check, please use the following address:

SRJC Scholarship Programs
1501 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Please request that outside scholarship checks are made payable to SRJC Foundation.

Be sure to give your donor your student identification number (SID) and ask them to include it with your check.

It's helpful if the donor includes a letter explaining the award terms when they send the check to our campus - semester(s) this scholarship is for, minimum enrollment requirement, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Our office can only process scholarship checks that are for ALL educational expenses. Awards for tuition only may need to be returned or processed by Accounting. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Outside Scholarships:
  • How will I know if my check has arrived?

    Once you know a check has been mailed by the donor, please wait at least two weeks before inquiring about the status. Once you have waited at least two weeks, you can then call the Scholarship Office at (707)527-4740 to find out if your check has arrived. Please provide scholarship name, date of mailing, address check was mailed to and a check number if possible.

  • How long will take for my check to be processed?

    Once checks are received, processing times can vary. Checks received before the start of a term are not processed until school starts. From the start of term on, processing time varies from two to six weeks, depending on the time of year and if we have all neccessay documentation. Once your check has been processed, you will be able to track the status of the payment in If additional information is needed in order to process your check, our office will contact you or the donor directly.

  • How do I get my scholarship money?

    Outside scholarship payments are mailed to you in the form of a check from SRJC, minus fees owed. Scholarship checks CAN NOT be held for pick-up at the Scholarship Office. 

    Outside awards $600 or greater are split evenly between semesters unless donor instructions state otherwise.

  • How will an outside scholarship impact my financial aid?

    The total amount of your financial aid awards, including any outside scholarships, cannot exceed your individual student expense budget. If you have applied for and received financial aid or scholarships through SRJC and receive an outside scholarship, your financial aid package may need to be adjusted.

    Federal financial aid regulations require that the financial aid awards you receive cannot exceed your student budget. It is possible, therefore, that outside scholarships could reduce a component of your package of financial aid awards. In these cases, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office attempts first to reduce loan or work aid; scholarships are only reduced as a last resort.